DECA Direct - April 2019

2019 Collegiate DECA ICDC Competitive Events Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists and overall winners at the 2019 Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference in Orlando, Florida. Business Ethics Finalists | Overall Winners Business-to-Business Marketing Finalists | Overall Winners Event Planning Finalists | Overall Winners Financial Statement Analysis Finalists | Overall Winners…

How to Get the Most Out of DECA ICDC

Every year thousands of students from across the country compete for a coveted spot at DECA’s International Career Development Conference. Four days of competition, networking and an experience that will transform a high school student into a young adult ready to take on college and their future career with veracity. How does one even prepare for such an event and how can you be sure to get the most out of a whirlwind event like ICDC?