Author: DECA Direct Online Reporter

Beat the Test Stress: 4 Tips to Ace Your Cluster Exam

While it might be relaxing to push aside studying right now, your future self will thank you for getting a head start. Instead of scrolling through social media between classes, use Quizlet to test your business knowledge! Rather than taking 4 practice exams the night before, challenge yourself to complete and review 10 questions per day.

What is DECA?

In the end, we have all felt the wonders of being a DECA member and want that to extend to others. Understanding and communication are vital for this to become a reality.

The Art of Cramming

With these 5 tips for cramming, you’ll be sure to rock out your roleplay or written event presentation.

How to Host Productive and Engaging Workshops

If you integrate these tips into your next workshop, your members will be sure to thank you. In the end, it can be challenging to host consistent and high-quality workshops, but trust me, it’s all worth it when your members get called up on stage to win that #DECA glass!