What Went Down at Executive Officer Training

August 2, 2021

Last month, your DECA Executive Officer Team met in Washington, D.C. for Executive Officer Training to learn about leadership, teamwork and prepare for the year ahead. For the entirety of the training, both the Collegiate Division Team and High School Division Team collaborated effectively to learn from one another and engage in valuable conversations.

All officers engaged in a series of activities to learn how to work together as a team. One favorite teamwork activity was deciding how important a list of equipment would be in order to escape from the middle of the ocean. This activity taught officers how to come to a consensus and thoroughly listen to one another.

Throughout the week, officers established "Team Norms'' to ensure everyone was on the same page in regards to how the team will work together throughout their term. While establishing team norms, officers also began to finalize their signature workshops, keynote speeches and DECA Stories. They presented these items to their peers to receive feedback as they prepared to present to DECA members from around the nation one day.

Additionally, every officer learned more about their leadership style. DECA Inc. Leadership Specialist, Debbie Taylor, went into detail about each individual style to help officers understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Lastly, every officer walked away from the training with a better understanding of their leadership style to effectively work with one another throughout the year. They finalized their Program of Leadership which includes the goals they have created for themselves to accomplish throughout this year to truly maximize their momentum.


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