What "Get the Edge" Means To Us

August 10, 2022

When the theme “Get The Edge” was announced at ICDC, many questions and thoughts circled on what it meant and how the theme was going to be utilized throughout the year. After a few months of serving and connecting with dozens of association officers, there were new perspectives on the theme that I hadn’t thought of. Here are a few of those perspectives:

“To me, Get The Edge is all about preparing DECA members to have the upper hand when it comes to career readiness. DECA provides unique opportunities to develop student skills and make them into emerging leaders so they can Get The Edge in their respective fields.”

- Olivia Stegner, Georgia DECA President

“When I think of Get The Edge, I think of DECA members always being on their A-game! By Getting The Edge, members bring their 100% and fully invest themselves into the competition, community, and so much more.”

– Rohan Misra, Virginia DECA Vice President of Chapter Engagement

“To me, Get The Edge means to starting your own process of leaving an impact. Getting The Edge symbolizes that you're about to turn to a new side, a new beginning, a chance to start something new.”

– L.J. Witt, Missouri DECA Vice President of Community Service

Get The Edge to me means defining and defying the boundaries. As innovators, we don’t think inside the box, but instead, take advantage of opportunities while appreciating where we are. Get The Edge takes that exact idea of going beyond and stepping away from what we consider the norm and applying it to every aspect of our growth. Whether it be through competition, community service or something more, you have the potential to make a positive impact through DECA.

The real question now is: How will you Get The Edge?


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