The Deets on DECA

September 1, 2022

How well do you know DECA?

  • What year was DECA founded?
  • What is a comprehensive learning program?
  • Where was DECA founded?
  • How many associations of DECA are there?
  • What are the core values behind DECA?

Whether you are just learning about DECA or brushing up on your knowledge, remember that DECA was founded to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs just like you for life after high school. In a community of nearly 178,000 members worldwide, you can make your DECA experience anything you want. Once you start your journey with DECA, it is your challenge to share the program with other students – starting with all the foundational information!

DECA was founded in 1946 in Memphis, Tennessee. Within DECA’s overarching goal to prepare emerging leaders in marketing, finance, hospitality and management is a comprehensive learning program with a business administration core. For students, this means that DECA is all around you, from your school to your community. The curriculum you learn in school is directly applicable to DECA competitions. By connecting multiple aspects of your life, you become a well-rounded student and person.

Competence, innovation, integrity and teamwork are core values throughout the organization. As DECA members, we learn to face challenges and work towards our goals together. The basis of DECA is community. As you advocate for DECA and invest in its mission, remember the comparison that DECA is like a radio. Members can turn the volume all the way up and invest all their time into DECA competing, pursuing leadership and participating in every event. On the other hand, members can play DECA as soft background music – participating whenever they can and learning as an observer. From the loudest to the quietest participation, DECA is full of possibilities.

The best way to learn about DECA is to experience it, but for now, you have a baseline of DECA from its founding to its continued goals. For more information, check out the official DECA website, the DECA Guide and the Student Leader Resource Guide.


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