Teach Real-world Marketing Skills with Facebook Blueprint

April 19, 2020

As a global leader in marketing, Facebook Blueprint is committed to connecting educators with real-world marketing education resources. To help navigate the back-to-school transition to hybrid/in-person learning, Facebook Blueprint is offering free, digital marketing education content to the DECA educator community.

What is Facebook Blueprint?

Demand for digital-related marketing jobs is growing 30% faster than overall marketing positions. Blueprint is Facebook’s global business education and training program that empowers learners to achieve their marketing career goals. These adaptable resources support business and marketing students with critical digital skills training needed to enter the economy.

Interested in learning more about Facebook Blueprint? Watch our Informational Video.

Teaching & learning resources for educators

In May 2020, we partnered with DECA to launch our Educators Portal for CTE and higher education learning communities. The Facebook Blueprint Educators Portal includes everything you need to integrate Facebook’s digital marketing tools into your curricula. Lessons include facilitator notes, quizzes, videos and virtual learning modules that students can complete at their own pace. Interactive classroom activities and case studies provide students with hands-on marketing experience. The portal can prepare students for the Facebook Digital Marketing Associate Certification to offer a sign of proficiency in the field when entering the workforce.

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Please check out the Facebook Blueprint resources available:

We hope you will find these resources helpful in teaching digital marketing skills to your students and in empowering student career pathways. We are grateful to continue to support the DECA community!


Discussion Questions

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Classroom Connection

Career CLuster:


Instructional Area(s):


Performance Indicators:

Explain the use of social media for digital marketing
Maintain a consistent brand voice in social content
Maintain day-to-day content on social platforms
Leverage social networks for customer engagement
Implement strategies to grow social-media following