SBE Chapter Certification Submission Site Is Open

December 1, 2022

Certification Is Due by January 12, 2023

The School-based Enterprise (SBE) chapter certification submission site is now open for chapters to submit their projects for the 2022-2023 school year.

Here are a few key reminders as you prepare to submit your project:

  • SBEs must submit their documentation to DECA Inc. via the online submission site no later than 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, January 12, 2023. All submissions must be uploaded via the website. Mailed submissions will not be accepted.
  • Guidelines for chapter certification and chapter recertification are available here.  
  • Submission instructions are available here. 
  • Be sure to check out the FAQ section on page 7 – this may answer any questions you have!
  • The Statement of Assurances is electronic – there is not a physical form that students need to sign. (Note: this is unique to the SBE Chapter Certification project. Other DECA written events still utilize the physical form.) Be sure to review the Statement of Assurances with your students. Upon submitting the project online, advisors will be prompted to confirm their students read, understood and abided by the requirements.
  • Acceptable file types that can be uploaded to the submission website include JPEG, Word Doc and PDF files. (If you’re attempting to upload one of the acceptable file types and it won’t successfully upload – the file may be too large.)
  • TIP: If possible, convert your project to a PDF.  Often judges do not have the same fonts loaded on their computers and this often messes up the spacing on the project and makes it difficult to evaluate.


Debbie Taylor
Leadership Specialist

Debbie Taylor is DECA's leadership specialist. In this role, she implements a comprehensive student leadership program for both the high school and college divisions. She is responsible for the Emerging Leader Series, student recognition programs and leads the DECA Inc. executive officer teams and elections.

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