Participate in Collegiate DECA's First-Ever Virtual ICDC

April 1, 2021

Here's the 411 on the big event!

Get ready to take your Collegiate DECA experience to the #NextLevel by participating in the 2021 Collegiate DECA Virtual International Career Development Conference. Because this year’s International Career Development Conference will look different, we wanted to take an opportunity to walk through a few of the components.

The overview video walks through the conference, as well as provides an overview of this year’s competitive events process.



Organized by competitive event category, each guide contains a competition timeline, comprehensive instructions and a flowchart for all components.


The Entrepreneurship Challenge is sponsored by Intuit. In teams of up to three, Collegiate DECA members will be given a challenge to develop an idea and take it to social media to build a following. The top team will earn $1,5000.  

Showcase your world-class selling abilities in the Collegiate DECA Sales Challenge. Sponsored by England Logistics, the Collegiate DECA Sales Challenge is open to all members registered to participate in ICDC. The first-place competitor will earn $2,000, the second-place competitor will earn $1,000 and the third-place competitor will earn $500, courtesy of England Logistics.


As DECA’s chief program officer, Christopher leads an integrated team in the areas of educational program development, association and member services, educational conferences and advisor professional learning for both the high school and collegiate divisions. Christopher has worked for DECA since 2009.

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