Leadership + Service = Measurable Change with the New Lead4Change DECA Challenge

September 15, 2021

Round one entries are due by February 11

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! For many of you, this is the first time to be in person, at school, in more than 15 months. For others, the guidelines may have changed slightly, but you are back together for another year.

Lead4Change is excited to be celebrating our 10th year! To show how we’ve grown, check out theses stats:

  • There are more than 15,000 educators registered in the Lead4Change member community.
  • Educator members come from all 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Nearly to two million students across the U.S. have been involved in Lead4Change.
  • Lead4Change has given away more than $2.45 million in grants to schools and community charities, so that student teams can continue the work they started in their Lead4Change service project.
  • Lead4Change has partnered with DECA to share our program to U.S. chapters for the last five years.

Are you missing out? Why not register today! It is free and easy to get started. We’ve done all the work, now you can start the lessons!  

The bonus? You can use the lessons to create and implement an awesome service project – which can then be used for DECA competitive events AND the Lead4Change Challenge! Our challenge offers the opportunity to win up to $10,000 for your school or charity. With over 70 winners annually, this could be your year!

Students: Ask your teacher or chapter advisor to take a look at Lead4Change. They can sample some of the activities and get to know the program on our Taste of Lead4Change page.

Advisors: Register and download the lessons – your students can do the lessons in teams and come away with a fully completed service project. Be the coach and watch the results! If your students engage in community service, let’s ensure that they recognize and practice leadership skills along the way. We want emerging leaders to know and understand how to make an impact on the needs around them.

What's New this Year?

The Lead4Change DECA Challenge is a component of the Lead4Change Student Leader Program. Demonstrate your leadership skills by being involved with your community and submitting a community service project once you finish the six-lesson or 12-lesson track that aligns with 21st Century Skills. Work in teams (three or more students with an adult sponsor) and do a project as you go through the lessons.

If 10 entries are submitted from DECA chapters by the February 11, 2022 deadline, DECA chapters will be eligible for a special award track from Lead4Change. If it meets the guidelines of each, this means that your project could earn recognition in the campaign or competitive event, Lead4Change Challenge and DECA/Lead4Change Challenge — three opportunities for the project all while doing good in your community.

Challenge Timeline

  • Challenge Submissions Begins: September 1
  • Submission Deadline: February 11

We believe that Leadership + Service = Measurable Change. We can’t wait to work together for an amazing year!


The Lead4Change Student Leadership Program is a Leadership Curriculum with a Framework for Community Service.We believe you and your students deserve the best education solutions that are proven, easy and free. With Lead4Change it’s easy! These innovative leadership lessons are integrated easily into any subject area and all class or club settings. Designed to teach 6th – 12th graders how to lead and serve, the Lead4Change program is privately funded and available AT NO COST to educators and youth club advisers.By using the Lead4Change program, you are creating transformation in your students and real change in your community. Your students will remember you and this experience for a lifetime!

Discussion Questions

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Classroom Connection

Career CLuster:

Instructional Area(s):

Performance Indicators:

Identify resources needed for project
Develop project plan
Manage project team
Demonstrate initiative
Initiate project
Manage project schedule