Everything You Need for DECA Month 2020

October 20, 2020

DECA Month is the ultimate celebration of all-things DECA. From recalling your favorite DECA memories and completing chapter campaigns, to hosting virtual events and sharing your DECA story with everyone in your community and school, November is all about the many reasons you love being a DECA member.

Read on for all the information you need for to celebrate DECA Month this November!

#DECAMonth Social Media Challenge

The #DECAMonth Social Media Challenge is back for another year! The challenge is the perfect way to share what DECA means to you with your friends and social media followers. Each day in November, there is a different DECA-related theme and we challenge you to find the perfect photo or video for each day.

You can get the complete #DECAMonth Social Media Challenge calendar below!

Deca Month 2020 Insta Calendar

#DECAMonth Downloads

To help spread the word and brand your chapter’s efforts, download the full #DECAMonth graphics package or select a specific image from the list below.

Find more #NextLevel graphics by visiting the Member Recruitment Toolkit for High School and Collegiate DECA.

More Ways to Celebrate

Hold a Contest

Take the social media challenge to the next level by holding a contest within your chapter or association. Each day, pick a winner for the best post related to that day's theme. Give the winner recognition by posting their image on your social media channel and give them a shout out! Or, give your members an incentive to see who can do all 30 days of the challenge. Whoever goes the entire month without missing a post can earn a prize on the last day of #DECAMonth!

Participate in DECA's Chapter Campaigns

No matter how your chapter meets, you can participate in four chapter campaigns during DECA Month! Choose from the Membership Campaign, Community Service Campaign, Global Entrepreneurship Campaign or Promotional Campaign—our do all four—to get engaged in your community and boost your membership. Campaigns are a great way to bond and get recognized by DECA Inc. Use the Chapter Campaign Guidebook or explore more ideas on DECA Direct to get started.

Attend Virtual Conferences

Show off your participation in DECA's virtual conferences! Whether you're taking part in the Western Region Leadership Conference hosted by Washington DECA from November 9-13,(#Innovate2020 and @decawrlc_2020), or the DECA Power Experience from November 2-20 (#DECAPower and @decapower), highlight your experience online for all to see!

Collegiate DECA members: Be sure to attend the one-day virtual version of the ENGAGE Conference on November 20. (#CDECAEngage)

We can't wait to see all of your incredible posts during #DECAMonth. Be sure to tag @DECAInc or @CollegiateDECA as we'll be sharing our favorite posts all month long.

Tell us which daily theme you're most looking to, or share your chapter's plans for DECA Month below!


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