Enhancing Your Professional Wardrobe

September 2, 2021

How to Dress for Success

Are you ready for that next professional business meeting or job interview? Enhancing your professional wardrobe could be the key to you standing out among the others. It is always best to have that one nice business professional suit that will make or break you. The best outfit is the one that increases your self-esteem and confidence. It is a true statement that if you look good, you will feel good, and that’s the ultimate goal when it comes to the wardrobe.  The best tip is to have at least two business suits and three sets of business casual wear.

Business Professional Attire

Find a suit that makes you feel your best. The suit should be one solid color, not too long and not short. It also should not be very loose or very tight. It will be very beneficial to have measurements done before buying that next great suit. Fit is extremely important, a well-fitting $50 suit will look better than a more expensive ill-fitting suit. The aim should be a dark color with a solid white shit. Find a solid color tie and try to avoid the neckties that have more than one color.  Socks are also important. Socks should be darker and should always match your undershirt, and also should not be filled with many colors. Shoes should make a statement that one is strong and standing tall. The best color is brown and black. The aim should be a business suit jacket with a solid color dress with black or brown shoes for women.

Business Casual Attire

The lines between casual and business casual often get blurred; however, they are different. Causal wear is geared towards social time and business casual is geared towards an internship, job or important interview. Business casual is more on step down from business professional but still has rules to follow. Business casual could be a polo shirt, button-down shirt, blouse, simple dress, or nice sweater. Men should wear a nice brown or black belt, and some black or brown shoes.

Always being ready is the key to success and always remember that you are judged in the first seven seconds of someone meeting you. Next time you have that critical business meeting or that dream job interview, look in the mirror and ensure that you are looking and feeling the best to maximize your potential opportunity in the future.


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