DECA Virtual ICDC 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

January 5, 2021

Updated March 16, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

When will ICDC be held?

The core week of ICDC will be April 19-23, 2021, with the Grand Opening Session and preliminary competition taking place. Online testing and written entry submission will take place the week prior (April 12-16). Final competition will take place the week after (April 26-30) and the Grand Awards Session will take place on May 6 at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET. Please see the registration packet for the schedule of events.

How do I register?

Chapter advisors will register their chapter with their chartered association. Chapters will send payment for registration to their chartered association, and the chartered association will remit the payment to DECA Inc. Registration for chartered associations will open on February 15 and will close on March 19. Chapter members and chapters cannot register directly with DECA Inc.

What is the cost of registration?

DECA will offer three tiers of registration — member, leader and competitor. Some chartered associations may charge an additional registration fee to cover administrative costs or additional services. The “member” tier will not need to register, but the advisor will receive instructions for those members to access the site.

Do advisors need to register?

We require that each chapter register at least one chapter advisor who will serve as the point person for the chapter during ICDC. They can register at the advisor rate of $35, which will include an exclusive advisor-only gift.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes. Through a generous contribution from the J. Willard & Alice S. Marriott Foundation, DECA is able to provide registration scholarships to high school DECA members to participate in the 2021 Virtual International Career Development Conference (ICDC).

Are there refunds?

Refunds will be granted until 4:30 pm ET on April 2, 2021. After this date, there will be no refunds. Refunds must be submitted through the Chartered Association Advisor to DECA Inc. Refund requests will not be received from chapter advisors.

How will my members receive their swag bags?

Swag bags included as part of the leader and competitor tiers will be mailed directly to the DECA chapter using the address on file. Sorry, no exceptions can be made.

What platform will you be using for competition?

For preliminary competition, we will use AnswerWrite for online testing and DLG JudgePro for written entry uploads, role-plays, and presentations. Members will record their presentations on the designated day, upload them, and submit the link. Click here to view virtual competitor packets for each type of competitive event. For final competition, we will be using a video conference software for live presentations. They will be held on a schedule during the designated day of final competition. Please ensure that your competitive events qualifiers will be able to participate using live video conference software at any given point during the school day on this day before registering. During the live final video competition, an adult proctor will join the student member(s) and judge(s).

Will my DECA members have a specific competitive event time?

For preliminary competition, members will have a specific day for each component: to turn in their written entry, take their exam and record their presentation. They can do this during a timeframe (8 a.m. ET until 11:59 p.m. of their respective timezone) at any point during that specific day. For final competition, members will have a specific day and time for their presentation that will be published with the announcement of the finalists.

Will competitors need to be proctored?

No. Because of the pandemic and out of caution for the health and safety of everyone, proctoring will not be required this year. However, DECA members will be required to complete a statement of assurances and integrity for online competitive events. During the live final video competition, an adult proctor will join the student member(s) and judge(s).

Will my DECA members need to submit their written entry in an official DECA folio?

No. Since the written entry will be uploaded as a PDF, there is no need to submit the written entry in the official DECA folio. That penalty point item will not be assessed.

Will my DECA members still need to wear a DECA blazer?

DECA Blazers are required when making a presentation (recorded or live) in front of a judge. However, if competitors are unable to access a DECA Blazer due to COVID-19, members may wear a blazer, sport coat or a professional jacket. The deadline to order blazers and receive prior to ICDC is April 2, 2021.

Will the Virtual Business Challenge be held?

Yes. DECA and Knowledge Matters are working together to virtually host the ICDC rounds of the Virtual Business Challenge. Click here to view the competition schedule.

How will DECA members be recognized?

Due to the quick timeline, DECA will be posting results and finals schedules on and as soon as they are available, at 10 a.m. ET and 4 p.m. ET daily. The top 10 and first, second and third winners will be announced during the Grand Awards Session on May 6.

The top three winners in DECA’s Competitive Events Program will earn the coveted DECA Glass, which will be shipped to the chapter for an appropriate local presentation. Medallions will also be sent to the chapter for those members earning Achievement Award recognition. Certificates of Achievement and Certificates of Excellence will be available digitally. Transcripts will be available through the online membership system and student portal following ICDC. Cash awards will be sent directly to the DECA members as in the past.

When is the Grand Opening Session?

The Grand Opening Session will be held on April 19 at 5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET.

What if my DECA members have conflicts with the schedule?

Just as we would with the in-person ICDC, we must stick to the schedule, especially since we are publishing it so far in advance. Your competitive events qualifiers should only register for ICDC if they can participate on the designated days of their competitive event. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

Will the Emerging Leader Series be offered?

This year, on-demand modules from each of the academies (Ignite, Elevate, Empower and Aspire) will be provided to those registering at the leader and competitor tiers. Registrants do not have to designate a specific academy, and competitors can access the on-demand content this year.

What about the THRIVE Academy?

Those chapters that earned THRIVE level in the membership and chapter campaigns are welcome to register members at the leader tier and participate in the on-demand modules for Ignite, Elevate and Aspire. We will send the chapter the plaque, flag and pennant recognizing your achievement — as well as a special reward for the chapter.

Will the SBE Academy + Competition be offered?

Yes. Up to three members from a Gold-Certified SBE will be eligible to access the on-demand SBE Academy content as well as compete in SBE Food Operations or SBE Retail Operations.

Will Advisor Professional Learning be offered?

We are planning a robust advisor professional learning program this summer, so we will only offer a limited selection of advisor professional learning sessions and advisor chats during April 19-23, 2021.

What if my DECA members require special services?

We want to make every opportunity available for our special needs members to participate in ICDC. An online form is at to identify students that need special services. We will work with the chapter advisor to provide the appropriate services. It is critical that we receive the form by March 27 in order to arrange appropriate services.

What is the process for Executive Officer Elections?

All campaign and election activities will be conducted virtually. The Executive Officer Candidate Application deadline is March 12, 2021. Campaigning and voting will take place from April 20-23, with the potential for run-off voting to follow. The new team will be announced during the Grand Awards Session on May 6. To learn more, visit

Will there be additional swag items for purchase?

Yes! Shop DECA will have a specialty line of ICDC products available for pre-purchase prior to ICDC. The deadline for these items is March 19. They will also offer commemorative finalist items for purchase.

How can volunteers get involved?

We will need volunteer judges to help evaluate our competitive events. Please visit to learn more or sign up now.

How can partners get involved?

DECA values our partners in our shared mission to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Click here to learn more about the available sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Is there a new promotional video for the virtual conference?

Yes, DECA has released a new promotional video for social media. View and download it here.

What is the status of the Collegiate DECA ICDC?

The Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference will also be held virtually. Please click here for frequently asked questions about Collegiate DECA ICDC.


As DECA’s meetings manager, Emily facilitates logistics for the organization’s high school and collegiate educational conferences. As part of her role, Emily sources and manage relationships with conference partners, hotels and vendors, while striving to provide the best value and experience for our attendees. Emily has worked for DECA since 2018.

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