Contactless Fundraising with Country Meats

October 6, 2020

Country Meats believes that fundraising should be safe and easy. With our NEW Contactless Fundraising option, we've created a system for you to effortlessly raise funds for your amazing cause.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1

Create a FREE Account with Country Meats and opt-in to participate in Contactless Fundraising.

Country Meats fundraising works for organizations of any size and is perfect for schools, youth groups, scouts, and much, much more! If you are new here, just provide some basic contact information for your fundraising group and select "Opt-in" to start your Contactless Fundraiser.

Step 2

Share your unique URL with your supporters via text, email or social media.

Our website will generate a unique URL for you to use. It will allow our system to give you credit every time someone orders using your URL. Sharing your unique URL with your supporters via text, email or social media will make it that much easier for them to support your cause.

Step 3

Count your PROFITS!

Your supporters will order from, pay online, and we will ship the order directly to the supporters. Your supporters will receive their delicious Country Meats snack sticks in just a few days. Then after a short period of time, we will mail you a check for your fundraising profits.

Your supporters will be required to purchase a minimum of one bag (24 smoked snack sticks) for $35 and your fundraiser will earn $12 from that purchase! Each additional bag ordered in one single order will cost your supporters only $25 and will earn your fundraiser an extra $11 in profits!

Click here to learn more and get started.


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