Collegiate DECA ICDC 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

January 5, 2021

Updated March 16, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

When will ICDC be held?

The core week of ICDC will be April 13-17, 2021, with the Grand Opening Session, challenges, workshops, Executive Officer election campaigning/voting and final competition taking place. Online testing, preliminary presentations and prepared entry submissions will take place the week prior (April 6-8). The Grand Awards Session will take place on Thursday, April 22 at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET. Please see the registration packet for the schedule of events.

How do I register?

Registration procedures for this conference vary depending on the chartered association (state/province) you belong to. For complete registration instructions, please refer to the conference registration guide. If you are in the following chartered associations, consult your chartered association advisor regarding procedures for registration.

  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Washington

What is the cost of registration?

The Virtual ICDC registration fee is $55 per attendee. Some chartered associations may charge an additional registration fee to cover administrative costs or additional services.

Do advisors need to register?

All chapter advisors will receive access to the conference platform as part of their membership dues. If chapter advisors wish to receive the ICDC Swag Pack, they should register to attend ICDC.

How will my members receive their swag bags?

Swag bags will be mailed directly to the DECA member using the mailing address provided during registration.

How will members qualify for competitive events?

DECA members in a chartered association will qualify for Collegiate DECA ICDC competitive events through their association’s competition process.

When is the Grand Opening Session?

The Grand Opening Session will be held on April 13 at 5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET.

What if I have conflicts with the schedule?

Just as we would with the in-person event, we must stick to the schedule. Competitive events qualifiers should only register for Collegiate DECA ICDC if they can participate on the designated days of their competitive event. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

What if my members or I require special services?

We want to make every opportunity available for our special needs members to participate in ICDC. An online form is at to identify students that need special services. We will work with the chapter advisor to provide the appropriate services. It is critical that we receive the form by March 19 in order to arrange appropriate services.

What is the process for Executive Officer Elections?

All campaign and election activities will be conducted virtually. The Executive Officer Candidate Application deadline is March 12, 2021. Campaigning and voting will take place from April 13-16 with the potential for run-off voting to follow. The new team will be announced during the Grand Awards Session on April 22. To learn more, visit

Who can participate in the Entrepreneurship Challenge?

Open to all student members registered for ICDC, the Entrepreneurship Challenge allows you to form a team to generate an idea based on a simple prompt. You can even earn up to $1,500 thanks to Intuit!

Who can participate in the Sales Challenge?

The Sales Challenge is open to all members registered to participate in Virtual ICDC. You have the chance to earn up to $2,000, courtesy of England Logistics.

How will I access the conference activities

DECA Connect will be the hub for all Virtual ICDC events. You will log in with your existing account, and registered attendees will have access to a new "Virtual DECA ICDC" group prior to the beginning of the conference. Access on your desktop, or download the DECA Connect app from Google Play or the App Store.

What if I don't have a DECA Connect account?

All paid student and advisor members of Collegiate DECA who provided an e-mail address in the membership registration system should have received a DECA Connect invitation from You must verify and setup your account to gain access. If you did not previously provide an email when registering as a member, ICDC participants will receive an invitation following the March 19 conference registration deadline.

How can volunteers get involved?

We will need volunteer judges to help evaluate our competitive events. Please visit to learn more or sign up now.

How can partners get involved?

DECA values our partners in our shared mission to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Click here to learn more about the available sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Is there a new promotional video for the virtual conference?

Yes, DECA has released a new promotional video for social media. View and download it here.

What is the status of ICDC for the High School Division?

The DECA International Career Development Conference will also be held virtually. Please click here for frequently asked questions about DECA ICDC.


As DECA’s meetings manager, Emily facilitates logistics for the organization’s high school and collegiate educational conferences. As part of her role, Emily sources and manage relationships with conference partners, hotels and vendors, while striving to provide the best value and experience for our attendees. Emily has worked for DECA since 2018.

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