Collegiate DECA Competitive Event Draft Topics Announced for 2022-2023

May 5, 2022

Get a head start on the 2022-2023 competition season with Collegiate DECA's competitive event draft topics for the Business Research and Emerging Technology Marketing Strategies events.

Business Research

The 2022-2023 topic for each career category is to research an existing business's website, products, and/or services and develop a strategic plan to adopt a hyper-personalization approach.

Today companies are tracking and collecting large amounts of customer data and are using artificial intelligence to determine patterns within the data to simulate a customer's thought process. Consumers have raised concerns about privacy and ethics regarding this type of data collection.  

Participants will develop a strategic plan to enhance and improve the company's existing products and/or services by incorporating this approach and addressing consumer concerns.

Emerging Technology Marketing Strategies

The Emerging Technology Marketing Strategies event involves one or two students designing a marketing strategy for a product or service using emerging technology solutions. The students will then demonstrate and explain the marketing plan to the potential client.

The objective for the 2022-2023 year is to create a comprehensive emerging technology marketing strategy for a technology services company that implements touchless customer experiences for businesses. Emerging technology strategies include, but are not limited to, websites, mobile applications, social media outlets, animation, videos and the like. The strategy should include a clearly integrated brand identity for the technology services company.

The Emerging Technology Marketing Strategies event is not intended for the design or creation of conceptual technologies; rather, it is designed to demonstrate the accurate implementation of existing technologies. Students will assume the role of agency owner of a creative consulting firm that creates marketing strategies for products, services and organizations using the latest technologies.

Be sure to check the DECA Guide in late summer for official guidelines for the 2022-2023 school year.


Christy Rutherford is DECA's education manager. She enhances and manages an educational framework for DECA’s comprehensive learning program ensuring that all student programs are aligned to National Curriculum Standards. Christy also leads the advisor professional learning series and programs to support local chapter advisors.

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