Turning College Dreams Into Reality

November 1, 2021

DECA is proud to partner with to help the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs achieve their college dreams. Over the past three years, has supported thousands of students through the college admissions process.

Career success begins with effective college advising. helps students across the nation access one-on-one admissions support tailored to their needs. On average, students are four times more likely to get into their dream schools. students have received over $4 million in financial aid, and 100% of students go to college.

Today's admissions landscape is more competitive than ever. Every student who aims to get into top schools needs personalized guidance. However, the average high school student-to-counselor ratio is 1:464. This means that most students receive very little guidance from their high school counselors during the college process, which can negatively impact their admissions odds.

That's where comes in. Like DECA, is committed to helping young people maximize their potential in college admissions and beyond. As one of the nation's premier college advising companies, provides:

  • One-on-one college advising over video chat tailored to each student's needs
  • A network of 260+ Admissions Experts and former admissions officers from Ivy League and Top 50 schools
  • A free web platform for students to organize and track their college applications
  • Over 150 free webinars on every aspect of the college admissions process
  • College essay guides and sample essays from over 50 top schools
  • Team-based application support for students to develop their school lists, refine their essays, prepare for interviews, apply for scholarships and more. also believes in giving back to the community. Every year, sponsors the CollegeAdvisor Scholars Program, which provides comprehensive admissions support to 100 first generation or lower-income students at no cost to their families. To learn more about the CollegeAdvisor Scholars Program, click here.

All DECA members can receive a FREE consultation. Call (844) 343-6272 or click here to begin your admissions journey.


As one of the nation's premiere college advising companies, offers personalized and effective college advising to students from all backgrounds. With a team of over 225 Admissions Experts and former Admissions Officers, supports students through every aspect of the application process, from creating a balanced school list to writing essays sure to stand out at elite universities.

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