Check out the 2021-2022 Collegiate DECA Executive Officer Team Program of Leadership

August 11, 2021

After over a year without in-person events for Collegiate DECA, Executive Officers had the opportunity to gather together in July for Executive Officer training in Washington, D.C. to prepare for the year ahead. As a part of our training, we finalized our program of leadership. This year's program of leadership is focused on membership development and membership engagement to maximize our momentum as an organization.

Membership Development

The first pillar of our program of leadership is membership development. In a year where we are returning to in-person events, conferences and competitions, members must be prepared to meet the moment.

  • First, we have created an Association Leadership Passport Program. This passport award is very similar to the Individual Leadership Passport Program and the Chapter Leadership Passport Program. Association officers will complete the Association Leadership Passport Program by working with an Executive Officer to complete the program. As a result of their completion of the program, their Association will receive recognition. Creating this Association Leadership Passport Program was important because it would empower Association Officers to maximize their potential as leaders, just as the Individual and Chapter Passport Leadership Programs do.
  • Second, we plan to better promote the resources available to members and advisors to help members and chapters alike succeed in growing their membership and competing well. Making members aware of available resources and promoting them is a priority.

Membership Engagement

The second pillar of our program of leadership is membership engagement. We plan to engage Collegiate DECA members throughout the year through a variety of avenues.

  • First, continuing the One Diamond Calls spearheaded by the Executive Officer team that proceeded us. The calls will continue to occur on the second Tuesday of every month at 9 p.m. eastern time (ET). Each call will be specifically tailored to a specific topic so that members can anticipate and plan for the call. Members can join the calls through their DECA Connect account.
  • Second, to engage all Collegiate DECA members, we will strive to grow our community on DECA Connect. We encourage all members to become more involved on DECA Connect. Download the app today if you haven't already! We will be incorporating DECA Connect into our passport programs and promoting the platform through other communications to grow our community on the platform.


Zac Spohn
Collegiate DECA President

Zac Spohn has been a DECA member for six years, dating back to his time in high school. He currently attends Minnesota State University–Moorhead where he studies marketing and political science. Zac expects to graduate in May 2022. His leadership experience in DECA is extensive. He has served in chapter leadership positions and association leadership positions alike. Most recently, he served as President of Minnesota Collegiate DECA while serving as his chapter’s president as well. As an executive officer, Zac’s goals are to connect members internationally, empower members to be the best versions of themselves and build engagement in our organization to an extent never seen before. In his free time, Zac owns and operates his own 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, serves in student government and enjoys watching his favorite professional Minnesota sports teams.

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