Celebrate #DECAICDC Week

April 27, 2020

While we wish we could celebrate in Nashville, #DECAICDC Week is our chance to come together online and celebrate the accomplishments of DECA's members, chapters and advisors from all around the world.

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Get the full list of #DECAICDC Week activities at deca.org/icdcweek.

Starting Monday, April 27, each day will feature a unique social media theme and we challenge you to find the perfect photos, videos and graphics all week-long. Plus, we'll be recognizing top members and chapters and providing exclusive DECA content.

In addition to using the daily theme, be sure to include #DECAICDC when you post your photos and be sure to tag @DECAInc. We'll be sharing our favorite posts and stories throughout the week.

Daily Social Media Challenges

Monday, April 27 – #WhyDECA

Why did you join DECA? Was it a teacher, older sibling, the chance to travel or maybe free food? Share your reasons for joining DECA and what has kept you involved as a member.

Tuesday, April 28 – #DECAAdvice

It's a DECA-style Tip Tuesday! What's the number one leadership or life lesson you've learned through DECA? Share it with us!

Wednesday, April 29 – #DECAPride

Post a photo wearing your all-time favorite DECA apparel.

Thursday, April 30 – #DECATBT

This has been an unforgettable year filled with new memories and experiences. Throwback to your favorite DECA moment of the year

Friday, May 1 – #DECACompete

DECA wouldn't be the same without competition, so what's your competitive edge? Showcase your greatest competition tips and tricks.

Saturday, May 2 – #DECAFlex

From holding leadership positions and earning scholarships to executing chapter projects and qualifying for ICDC, show off the DECA accomplishment that you are most proud of.

Sunday, May 3 – #NextLevel

Here We Go... to the Next Level! To wrap up an amazing #DECAICDC Week, share what you're most looking forward to about DECA in 2020-2021!

Download #DECAICDC Week Graphics

To help you spread the word about #DECAICDC Week in chapter and association, here are some graphics you can download and share on social media:

Don't Miss a Moment!

Visit deca.org/icdcweek for the most up-to-date schedule and information.


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