Participate in DECA's First-Ever Virtual ICDC

March 9, 2021

Here's the 411 on the big event!

Get ready to take your DECA experience to the #NextLevel by participating in the 2021 DECA Virtual International Career Development Conference. Because this year’s International Career Development Conference will look different, we wanted to take an opportunity to walk through a few of the components.


  • Registration will take place through your chartered association advisor just like in years past. They will provide you with instructions on how to register and the costs. All registration, substitutions and cancelations must go through your chartered association advisor.
  • This year, we are offering three tiers of registration for our student members. The member tier is free and open to all DECA members in good standing. The leader tier is open to DECA members who want to participate in ICDC but didn’t qualify as a competitor. They will participate in the on-demand Emerging Leader Series. The competitor tier is open to DECA members who qualified to compete during ICDC. Please confirm registration rates for the Leader and Competitor tiers with your chartered association advisor.
  • Members registering at the leader tier and competitor tier will receive a swag bag with a conference t-shirt and other DECA merchandise. (HINT: We will need t-shirt sizes for those registering as leaders, competitors and advisors this year.)
  • The swag bags will be sent directly to DECA chapters using the address on file in the membership system in early April.
  • All chapters must have at least one chapter advisor register at the chapter advisor level. Your chapter may register additional advisors if they wish to receive a swag bag and participate in conference workshop sessions.  


We are fortunate to offer hundreds of registration scholarships provided by the J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation. Scholarships are available for competitors in hospitality competitive events at $55 each and for leadership participants at $35 each. Applications must be submitted online by March 26, 2021, at 5 p.m. ET. If your chapter members are selected to receive a scholarship, your chapter will receive a check in the amount of the scholarship. Visit to learn more.


  • We will have a conference app available for all DECA members to download. This will serve as the primary portal for the conference.
  • From there, there will be a link for LEADERS and COMPETITORS to use their DECA member ID and a provided password to login to access their exclusive content.
  • Be looking for an e-mail and on for more information on the app.


  • The Grand Opening Session will take place on Monday, April 19 at 8 p.m. ET, 5 p.m. PT. It will feature recognition of your year-long achievements, a Q+A keynote, entertainment and more!
  • The Grand Awards Session will take place on Thursday, May 6 at 8 p.m. ET, 5 p.m. PT. It will feature the recognition of our challenge winners, scholarship recipients and top competitors.
  • We encourage you to host watch parties with your chapters — either virtually or socially-distanced.
  • There will not be an Achievement Awards Session so that we can release the results from preliminary competition as soon as they are available.


  • All members at the LEADER tier and the COMPETITOR tier will have access to these on-demand workshops beginning Monday, April 19.
  • This year, members won’t attend a specific leadership track, but they will be able to sample on-demand sessions from each track featuring content that is usually delivered during ICDC. Please see the sessions on the screen and in the ICDC registration packet for further details.
  • These will be delivered on-demand for flexibility in students' daily schedules.


  • First and foremost, your competitive events qualifiers should only register for ICDC if they can participate on the designated days of their competitive event. Just as we would with the in-person ICDC, we must stick to the schedule, especially since we have published it so far in advance. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.
  • Also, in the event your competitors qualify for finals, please ensure that they would be able to participate using live video conference software at any given point during the school day during their finals day before registering. During the live final video competition, an adult proctor will join the student member(s) and judge(s).
  • DECA Blazers are required when making a presentation (recorded or live) in front of a judge. However, if competitors are unable to access a DECA Blazer due to COVID-19, members may wear a blazer, sport coat or a professional jacket.

To help chapter advisors facilitate competition with their students, we have organized activities by week and day. Competitors will access the competition site through the DECA ICDC App and use their DECA member ID and password provided to login. From there, they will be able to access all the links needed for competition.

During the week of April 12, we will collect all written event entry submissions and conduct online testing.

  • Each day will feature a specific activity. Members will have a specific timeframe (several hours) to complete the activity but may do so at any point within that timeframe.
  • All written events must be uploaded by 11:59 p.m. of your respective timezone on Monday, April 12.
  • Online testing will then run from April 13 to April 16 with specific exams given each day.
  • Because of the pandemic and out of caution for the health and safety of everyone, proctoring will not be required this year. However, if electronic or other evidence of integrity violations during testing are discovered, it may result in disqualifications of the competitor.

During the week of April 19, we will host preliminary competition.

  • For preliminary competition, members will have a specific day for each component: to turn in their written entry, take their exam and record and upload their presentation. They can do this from 8 a.m. ET to 11:59 p.m. of your respective timezone during that specific day. For those in Individual Series events, they can choose to record and upload their two role-plays back-to-back during the day or spread out.
  • Members will need to record a video and upload it to a hosting site such as YouTube and then provide a link in the competition portal.
  • Presentations for written events must be recorded on the date indicated. A specific prompt will be given to begin the video to verify it is recorded on that date.
  • For events with a team, all competitors must appear on the screen at all time and must record from separate devices.

During the week of April 26, we will host final competition – live through appointments with judges.

  • Due to the quick timeline, DECA will be posting results and finals schedules on and as soon as they are available, at 10 a.m. ET and 4 p.m. ET daily. At that time, we will also list the appointment times for the finalists.
  • For final competition, we will be using video conference software such as Zoom for live presentations. They will be held on a schedule during the designated day of final competition. Please ensure that your competitive events qualifiers will be able to participate using live video conference software (such as Zoom) at any given point during the school day on this day before registering. During the live final video competition, an adult proctor will join the student member(s) and judge(s).

The top 10 and first, second and third winners will be announced during the Grand Awards Session on May 6. The top three winners in DECA’s Competitive Events Program will earn the coveted DECA Glass, which will be shipped to the chapter for an appropriate local presentation. Medallions will also be sent to the chapter for those members earning Achievement Award recognition. Certificates of Achievement and Certificates of Excellence will be available digitally. Transcripts will be available through the online membership system and student portal following ICDC. Cash awards will be sent directly to the DECA members as in the past.

On March 15, we will release competitor packets by competitive events category that have comprehensive instructions and a flowchart for their competition.

During competition we will have an automated help desk system which all inquiries must go through for us to best assist you. Until then if you have any questions, you can e-mail them to


  • Our partners are very interested in supporting our DECA members. Thirty-seven of our competitive events are sponsored, as well as our school-based enterprises and more.
  • Many of our partners are providing terrific video presentations on a variety of college and career readiness topics that your members can access on-demand – or that you can use as a classroom resource around ICDC week.  
  • In addition, members will be able to browse opportunities from our partners on our conference app. There will also be opportunities to win prizes.


  • On Tuesday, April 21 at 8 p.m. ET, the executive officers will host a special ICDC edition of the monthly #OneDECA call. This is a chance for all ICDC competitors, leaders and DECA members to network and socialize with their peers and share their excitement about this year’s DECA accomplishments.
  • The call will also feature a fun small-group networking activity with opportunities to win Shop DECA gift cards!

We thank you for your enthusiasm and patience as we all work through the first-ever virtual DECA ICDC!


As DECA’s chief program officer, Christopher leads an integrated team in the areas of educational program development, association and member services, educational conferences and advisor professional learning for both the high school and collegiate divisions. Christopher has worked for DECA since 2009.

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