Activities That Can Make Your CDECA ICDC Experience More Memorable

February 20, 2023

Contributed by Nathaniel Harrison | Middle Tennessee State University DECA, TN

Participating in the Collegiate DECA International Career and Development Conference (CDECA ICDC) is an exciting and memorable experience. Experiencing ICDC and being surrounded by other DECA students is a great way to grow as an aspiring student. And even though you're there to compete, be serious and take care of business, it is imperative that you enjoy your time there and meet new people along the way. This article will focus on activities you should partake in while at CDECA ICDC. Every year the conference is held in various cities across the United States, and there are many activities and places to visit in each one.

One way to relieve your nerves and have fun is by visiting a theme park. This year, DECA is offering attraction tickets to different Orlando amusement parks. You can purchase a Universal Studios or Walt Disney World Resort ticket at a reduced DECA price. These thrilling options offer students and their advisors a memorable experience at ICDC. You can enjoy rides and other activities and have a good time before competing and taking care of business.

Another activity that will allow you to experience new things is eating at different restaurants. Eating at different and unique restaurants can be a very good way to experience the culture of a city or state and try new tastes. There is nothing better than trying out a new restaurant and the food at the restaurant being so delicious and savory.

Another activity that must be done at CDECA ICDC trip is sightseeing. This can be done by simply walking around and viewing the sites that make a city so unique. Make sure you take pictures to reflect and reminisce on the sights and experiences you partook in! Of course, do this activity safely and with the accompaniment of a buddy or chaperone.

Finally, one thing a DECA student must do when at CDECA ICDC is network and meet new people at the conference. This can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable, but push yourself and get out of your comfort zone and speak to other DECA students at the conference. Introduce yourself; you can ask what state they're from, why they're attending, etc. Sometimes doing this can lead you to make new acquaintances or even new friends and fond memories. Meeting new people makes the CDECA ICDC experience one to truly remember. Remember, you never know where a connection can lead you in life.

I hope this article inspires you to make the most of your Collegiate DECA ICDC experience. You should visit theme parks and restaurants, do some sightseeing, meet new people, stay focused and enjoy your time there. You are at CDECA ICDC to grow as an emerging professional and broaden your experience, which is truly a reward in and of itself.

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