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Welcome to the DECA Direct Online, a digital platform for DECA members and advisors that brings all of DECA’s content into one place—24/7. No longer will you have to wait for DECA Direct, the magazine or DECA Insight to make their way to your classroom to receive the latest DECA news. You can now access that information in a timely fashion, as well as a myriad of other resources to help make the DECA experience even better for members and advisors.

All in one place
DECA Direct Online brings together all of DECA’s publications and news so that you only need to visit one place to find what you need.

More resources
The new online platform allows us to share even more resources for members and advisors — from college and career advice to classroom activities and so much more!

Interactive community
DECA Direct Online integrates social media and allows for commenting and sharing on every article. Plus, the new DECA Direct Reporter Correspondent program asks for stories from our members, chapters and associations — in your own voices.

Search current and archived content
All information will be archived and organized for future reference, so you can find that cool chapter activity when it fits best in your calendar or strategies for competitive events just in time for competition season.

Creating conversation
This is just the latest innovation in strengthening our organization, associations and chapters. We hope you join us in the conversation. Let us know what you think by e-mailing communications@deca.org.

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