Participate in the Spring 2021 Taking Stock with Teens Survey

Taking Stock With Teens 2021 Spring 3x2

The 2021 Spring Piper Sandler Taking Stock With Teens Survey is now live and ready for you to use in your classroom! Each spring and each fall, Piper Sandler and DECA work together to conduct the bi-annual “Taking Stock With Teens” survey. The survey gauges brand preferences and spending habits among teenagers.

DECA members are the principal source for Piper’s survey, so it’s critical that all DECA members participate and share their opinions. It is also a great way for teachers and DECA advisors to engage their students in an independent applied learning activity that illustrates the importance of marketing research.

The survey closes on March 17. Please help support this important partnership by incorporating this valuable survey into your classroom teaching.

Advisors: Virtually bring a research analyst to your (virtual or in-person) classroom on-demand!

In a 25-minute video presentation, Erinn Murphy with Piper Sandler discusses marketing research and key findings from the most recent Gen Z research study.
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