Let’s Make an IMPACT

Catherine August Let's Make An Impact

Association leaders: Take part in the 2020-2021 Impact Program to make a positive difference in your association this year!

Chartered association officers have an opportunity to make a difference in their association and region during their term, so why not make an IMPACT?! There are five different categories to participate in: Advocacy, Community Outreach, Innovations, Membership and Partner/Sponsor Outreach. Each team can make one submission (video or digital poster) to each category in hopes of winning an IMPACT Award for their association and the Diamond Impact Award for their region. Read below for ideas on how you can get started

Advocacy: engage with your local policymakers, school officials, business representatives and other professional leaders to advocate on behalf of DECA and Career and Technical Education. Encourage your local chapters to get involved and share all the advocacy efforts made in your association this year.

Community Outreach: one of DECA’s guiding principles is being community-oriented. Highlight your association and chapter’s participation in community service in this category.

Innovations: if anyone knows how to innovate, it’s DECA’s emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Show off a unique program that has made an impact on your association in this category.

Membership: DECA would not be possible without its incredible members! In this category, share your chapters’ and association’s recruitment strategy to grow your membership.

Partner/Sponsor Outreach: DECA’s National Advisory Board (NAB) partners include corporations, foundations, and associations that seek to support the development of leaders and entrepreneurs who may become their companies’ employees. Put the spotlight on how your association worked with DECA’s corporate partners this year. Visit deca.org /partners for the complete list of NAB sponsors.

Take your association’s IMPACT to the #NextLevel by participating in the 2020-2021 Impact Program. Learn more here.

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