Updated SBE 2021 Chapter Certification Guidelines Available Now

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Many schools will look different this year, and this may affect your School-Based Enterprise (SBE). Most SBEs may have to change some aspects of their operations, processes or systems due to the current situation in your particular location.

The chapter certification process for the 2020-2021 school year has been updated and SBE’s will have additional guidelines options.

Chapter Certification

Guidelines for chapter certification and chapter recertification are available here. The submission site will open on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. All projects have a submission deadline is 11:59 p.m. on January 11, 2021.

Gold Recertification – New Guidelines Option

  • The SBE must be operational to apply for recertification. The SBE can use either the current recertification guidelines or new guidelines for pivoting during COVID-19.
  • If the SBE is NOT operational this year and is in the recertification process, it’s simply a “pause.” The SBE does not have to complete the full certification the next year.

Gold Certification – New Guidelines Option

  • If the SBE finished its fourth recertification last year, the SBE can have a one-year waiver to complete a recertification project for 2020-2021 rather than completing the full certification. The SBE can use either the current recertification guidelines or new guidelines for pivoting during COVID-19.
  • The SBE must be operational to apply for certification.
  • The SBE will have to complete the full certification in 2021-2022.

New SBE Certification

  • If an SBE wishes to seek certification and hasn’t previously, the SBE must be operational and must complete the full certification. Here are the 2020-2021 guidelines.

SBE Academy + Competition – New Topic

  • The SBE Academy + Competition guidelines have been updated with new topics around situational analysis and innovations/modifications to the SBE for this year. Distribution and channel management will not be used. Those who earn gold-certified or gold re-certified through DECA’s SBE Chapter Certification are eligible to participate in the SBE Academy + Competition during ICDC, pending approval from the chartered association advisor.

Individual Certification

  • The SBE Individual Certifications a great way to provide credibility and validation for your DECA program, your school-based enterprise, and your curriculum.  Demonstrate your students have achieved the knowledge essential to operating a business while also developing their career-readiness and resumes through administering the exam to your students.
  • The exam is offered on a rolling basis from October through June – advisors simply sign up for the week they would like to administer the exam. The process is entirely online, and results and transcripts are sent directly to your school.

Need help getting started? The DECA SBE Instructional Units are a great place to start. They will guide you through each of the 10 business standards covered in the certification project through interactive workbooks and PowerPoint presentations available at www.deca.org/sbe.

Be on the lookout for this years’ #DECASBEWeek coming September 28-October 2, 2020 for a chance to highlight your enterprise!

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