Last Minute Conference Fundraising Ideas

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Financial planning can be the most stressful part of any trip, but here are some last-minute fundraising ideas that are simple to plan, time-manageable and will bring you one step closer toward a memorable experience!

Restaurant Chains

Many national and local food establishments offer fundraising opportunities! Places like Chipotle and Buffalo Wild Wings have programs where your organization can receive a portion of sales if a customer mentions your group when purchasing. You can even turn this type of fundraiser into a social event and have your members show up to enjoy each other’s company while still raising money.

Campus Booths

If your school or campus allows, exhibit a booth and sell something! Consumables such as pastries, drinks or snacks are always of interest to students, or you can be creative and sell any crafts that are a specialty of you or your members. Hosting a booth can also raise awareness about your organization to passersby while making a bit of money. All you’ll need is a space, permission to be in that space and your sales skills!


The great thing about crowdfunding platforms is that there are many options suited for your needs. Create your own individual page or a page for your chapter. After it’s up and running, post it everywhere! Share it on social media and with your friends and family. There are many options for online fundraising, but some suitable ones include GoFundMe, Snap! Raise and even Facebook.


If you haven’t reached out to your school or college department yet, it’s worth a shot! Outline a brief letter or presentation about what you’re doing and what it means for their department. Include stats of what has been accomplished before and don’t forget to amaze them with what you and your chapter have done with the Leadership Passport Program, any recognition awards or chapter campaigns.

Whatever fundraiser you choose to do, make sure to do it together. It’s important to ensure all attendees from your chapter are involved in helping bring down costs so that the conference is unforgettable and enjoyable for every member!

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