Top Super Bowl Ads of 2020

Superbowl Ads 2020

In Super Bowl LIV, the Chiefs dominated the 49ers. However, some people feel that the ads are really the best part of the Super Bowl. Whether you watch solo or with your friends or family, Super Bowl ads bring a whole new aspect to the big game. We see the best efforts from various companies to make us laugh while enticing us to buy their product or service. Here are my top three ad picks from the 2020 Super Bowl.

3. Amazon’s “Before Alexa”

This advertisement was a hilarious look at what life was like before Alexa. The commercial included Ellen DeGeneres, which brings a familiar face to the ad. This one-minute clip is a throwback to the medieval times before modern technology. It brings humor to the fact that society couldn’t do things with as much ease as it can now with Alexa.

2. Google’s “Loretta”

An emotional tear-jerker, the ad begins with a man asking Google to show pictures of him and Loretta, who seems to have passed away. He is reminiscing on all the old times with Loretta, which shows how Google can help him remember everything they did together. He asks Google to play him and Loretta’s favorite movie, along with their vacation memories. This ad helps Google show that it is more than a search engine. This was easily my favorite emotional ad of the game.

1. Hyundai Sonata’s “Smaht Pahk”

In my opinion, this was the most humorous advertisement. The Hyundai Sonata has a new feature called “smaht pahk” (smart park) where you have the ability to exit the car and it will park on its own. The ad is set in Boston, where humorous Bostonian accents take the spotlight. Actors include John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch, Chris Evans and David Ortiz.

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