University of Wisconsin-Madison DECA Takes on PowerPoint Karaoke

Jenny Patino, University of Wisconsin-Madison DECA
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Every year it seems like chapters scramble to find a new way to bring together members, especially at the beginning of a new semester. Our chapter decided this year to branch out and try something new: Powerpoint Karaoke.

Many of our members hadn’t heard about it before and neither had I. Don’t worry, there’s no singing like regular karaoke and for some of us, that might be relieving.

Powerpoint Karaoke stems as an improv-game as all of the people presenting have never seen the slides they’re presenting to the group. The main idea is to make each PowerPoint as random as possible and come up with a coherent, story-like presentation that makes sense. It’s easy to organize, and for a chapter of college students where cost can become an inconvenience, it was simple and inexpensive.

First, our chapter officer team decided to spread out the work by dividing out the number of PowerPoints we would need for the event. Each PowerPoint contained a collection of funny pictures from our past year or just random pictures found online. In addition, some of the slides contained different phrases, memes, graphics or acronyms.

Our chapter opted to hold our event on a Friday night at our business school’s undergraduate lounge. You’ll need some sort of monitor or projector to display the presentation to your members and probably some type of seating to get everyone together. From there, we each took turns presenting individually and in pairs of two.

This turned out to be a fun and successful social event for our chapter. It really allowed for new and veteran members to connect and get to know each other by presenting on the spot. Not to mention, watching the creativity was exciting to see as an executive board. This can also be seen as a great way to get a jumpstart on the competition. Case studies require innovation and quick on your feet thinking and this might be a way of getting new competitors comfortable with that idea. If your chapter has a chance, give it a go. You might end up surprised by what everyone comes up with.

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