Take on the Collegiate DECA Advocacy Campaign this February

Happy Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month! Celebrate this February by getting your chapter involved in Collegiate DECA’s Advocacy Campaign!

The Collegiate DECA Advocacy Campaign is designed to recognize chapters for their advocacy efforts.

Follow the guidelines below to successfully complete the campaign.

Chapters must complete the form and submit it by March 4, 2020.

1. Complete one public policymaker activity. Some ideas include:

  • Schedule a visit to your local elected representatives to share why DECA is important.
  • Write a letter from your Collegiate DECA chapter to a U.S. Senator, member of Congress or a local policymaker.
  • Make a promotional toolkit that highlights DECA to share with your public policymakers.

2. Complete one community outreach activity. This could include:

  • A community service project.
  • Deliver a presentation on DECA to local civic groups.
  • Have a DECA alumni or industry professional speak to your chapter.

3. Complete one school outreach activity. Some ideas include:

  • Visit classrooms around the school to talk to your peers about DECA.
  • Host a school DECA event or a table at an organization fair.
  • Organize a school-wide social media campaign to promote the importance and mission of DECA.

Find more ideas in our Advocacy Section.

Along with the activity form, please indicate the total number of Advocacy Campaign participants from your chapter who will attend the International Career Development Conference (ICDC).

Award recipients will be posted on DECA Direct no later than April 1, 2020.


In addition to our website, chapters will be recognized at the Collegiate DECA ICDC and will receive a ribbon as further recognition of their chapter’s accomplishments. March will be here before we know it! Talk with your chapter officers, members and advisors today about creating an action plan to tackle Collegiate DECA’s Advocacy Campaigns and make your advocacy efforts count.

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