Celebrate #CTEMonth in February

Throughout February, as CTE students, we are called to bring awareness to the value, achievements and accomplishments of DECA and our career-connected learning. Career and technical education (CTE) is learning that directly prepares students for high-wage and high-demand careers. CTE encompasses many different fields of interest from business and management to healthcare and technology.

To give us a little more insight into CTE, I interviewed former Washington State Representative, Cary Condotta. Here are the takeaways from our interview:

  • CTE is the Future – “This country needs to start looking forward… In the future, CTE is going to become even more important because we are going to have a greater need as baby boomers retire.”
  • CTE Fills a Need – “We have to develop the skills that are needed… DECA fills that gap… DECA teaches the skills that have been proven year after year to move people forward, and that’s what we should be working on!”
  • Students Should Advocate – “Our students are smart, sharp and I don’t think they always ask for what they need. The bottom line is they need to be vocal when they have a strong feeling about something and when there is interest… Then lawmakers have to provide what is being asked for… I think students should be more involved!”

I encourage you to use the month of February to be active on social media, connect with community leaders, meet with lawmakers and advocate by sharing your DECA stories.

To ensure you have a clear and concise story to share, DECA and ACTE recommend you consider including the following elements:

  • Be Personal – Share your authentic story and the impact DECA and CTE have had on your life, instead of just “broadcasting” a generic message.
  • Use Facts, Not Fiction – Be accurate when sharing information about DECA & CTE. Discover the latest DECA facts in DECA’s Impact Report.
  • Be Social – Join other DECA and other CTSO members in staying active on social media and spreading awareness of CTE!

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