How to Use DECA’s Impact Report in Your Advocacy Efforts

When advocating for DECA and CTE, during Career and Technical Education Month® you must always be prepared to provide accurate information and answer questions without hesitation Most likely, your interactions with community members, school administrators and policymakers will be brief and you’ll only have a few seconds to grab their attention.

Here’s how to use DECA’s 2018-2019 Impact Report for quick, to-the-point information that will help you make the case for CTE.

  1. Share the Mission – If you don’t already know the mission of DECA, it’s time to commit it to memory! The mission is the quickest way to describe what DECA is to someone who is not familiar with the program. The report also lists several examples of how our mission is fulfilled on a daily basis.
  2. Show the Impact – Nothing grabs people’s attention like impressive statistics. Check out pages 6-7 for the latest DECA numbers on membership, demographics, conference attendance and stats how DECA impacts emerging leaders.
  3. Name Drop – DECA is supported by the generosity of many business and industry partners. Sharing some of DECA’s partner organizations is a great way to quickly further establish the credibility of the organization and demonstrate our industry connections.
  4. Forecast the Future – Curious about where DECA is going in the next few years? The impact report includes information on the strategic direction of our organization.
  5. Tell Your Story – Sharing facts alone is not enough to convey the benefits of supporting DECA. Be sure to tie these facts into your own, unique story of how DECA has had an impact on your life.

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