#WhyDECA Member Showcase: Marc Wilcox

In the months leading up to #DECAICDC in Nashville, the DECA Executive Officer Team will be showcasing members’ stories about why they participate in DECA.

Meet our first member, Marc Wilcox, from Ardrey Kell DECA in North Carolina.

“I was inspired to join DECA by my sports and entertainment marketing teacher, Mr. Neary in my sophomore year.

I was unsure about participating as I didn’t know many people that were in DECA, but I decided to give it a shot. After my first meeting, I loved it! The potential for me to grow and pursue a future in business was organized right in front of me and the opportunity could not be let up.

I competed at the state level with Logan Madden in Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making and had an incredible time.

Being able to meet DECA members from all across the U.S. at the hotel and convention center was my favorite memory. I became friends with students from Colorado, Virginia and even Puerto Rico – many of whom I keep in touch to this day! Traveling on a 10-hour bus ride reinforced the welcoming feeling that this CTSO has provided to me as I was able to strengthen bonds that had been created solely through DECA.

DECA has drastically improved my public speaking abilities and allowed me to come out of my shell and introduce myself to others across my home state of North Carolina. I know consider NC DECA my family – a feeling which I am very grateful for.

As an aspiring computer science engineer, DECA has inspired me to study business management or entrepreneurship at a university and has allowed me to seize opportunities I would have otherwise steered away from.”

If you have a story you would like to tell, share it on social media with #WhyDECA and reach out to your executive officers to be featured.

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