Have You Accepted the Challenge?

Congratulations to all students and chartered associations participating in the Later Haters Challenge!

There is still time for students and associations to raise awareness and promote positive behavior through empowering, informing and encouraging teens through the Later Haters Challenge. Together, DECA and AT&T have created two separate challenges intended to promote and amplify the Later Haters movement.

AT&T Later Haters Challenge

This challenge consists of four distinct tasks designed to raise awareness and prevent cyberbullying in participants’ respective schools and communities. These tasks include:

  • completing an online lesson on Digital Drama, created by Common Sense Media
  • taking an online pledge via the Later Haters website
  • creating a public service announcement (PSA)
  • executing a Later Haters promotional event

Students may access the Student Toolkit which provides statistics, inspiration, as well as helpful background information to begin the challenge. Using the Student Toolkit and the guidelines, DECA teams (which can consist of one to three members) are encouraged to take part in the challenge to further promote the Later Haters message. Students who partake in the AT&T Later Haters Challenge and submit their entry will be considered for an ICDC travel stipend.

Challenge submission deadline: January 31, 2020
Top three teams announced: March 6, 2020

Chartered Association Challenge

This challenge is designed to drive awareness and prevent cyberbullying. The message is simple: take the pledge to stop the hate and spread the love. DECA members have the opportunity to help their chartered associations receive recognition at ICDC by obtaining the highest pledge count within their group designation (based on membership size). Review the recent pledge counts to take the lead. Members may collect pledges from friends, fellow students, parents, and other community members. Pledges will be recorded and credited toward the designated chartered association until March 27, 2020.

Highest pledge counts from chartered associations will be announced at ICDC on April 29, 2020

Join AT&T’s Later Haters movement now to help stop the hate and spread the love. Follow @decainc and @attimpact on Twitter and @later-haters on Instagram. Use #LaterHaters to spread the word!

If you have questions, please contact Diane Pruner, Grants Program Director at DECA, diane@deca.org and Arlisa Britt, Grants Program Coordinator at DECA, arlisa@deca.org.

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