King Philip DECA Annual Round Table

Hannah Mahoney, King Philip DECA Vice President of Marketing
From left to right: Tess McGrory, Camille Beaulieu, Lauryn Weber, Hayden Doherty, Ryan Wood, Tim Watson, Jaron May, Alex Welch, Abby Melanson, Lexi Mutascio, Julianne Rando, Brianna Lacy, Emma Daly, Jamie Buckley, Tony Bozza, Dylan Powers, Dan Sammarco, Nick Sammarco, and Jake Anderson

On December 20, King Philip DECA held its annual Round Table Event, one that the students look forward to every year.

Alumni members returned to King Philip High School to share the impact DECA has had on their lives. Chapter officers, association officers, international champions and vital DECA members have all left their mark on the King Philip DECA community. Students from 2016 and onward have become the inspirational force driving our current chapter members to success.

During the day, all DECA classes were exposed to the way DECA had furthered the alumni’s careers and college experiences. DECA has taught these individuals the life skills that they can carry on and share with all they meet and partner with. Time management and communication skills are some of the skills on the very long list of abilities they have gained and still use in their everyday lives.

Among the visiting members were:

  • Jake Anderson – freshman at Bryant University
  • Camille Beaulieu – senior at University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Tony Bozza – freshman at Worchester Polytechnic Institute
  • Jamie Buckley – freshman at University of Vermont
  • Kat Caravaggio – freshman at Marist College
  • Emma Daly – freshman at American University
  • Hayden Doherty – freshman at University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Brianna Lacy – sophomore at Babson College
  • Jaron May – sophomore at Syracuse University
  • Tess McGrory – senior at Bryant University
  • Abby Melanson – sophomore at Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Lexi Mutascio – sophomore at University of Vermont
  • Dylan Powers – freshman at Northeastern University
  • Julianne Rando – sophomore at Bentley University
  • Dan Sammarco – freshman at Stonehill College
  • Nick Sammarco – sophomore at Suffolk University
  • Tim Watson – junior at Hartwick College
  • Lauryn Weber – freshman at University of Missouri
  • Alex Welch – sophomore at University of Denver
  • Ryan Wood – freshman at Bryant University

King Philip DECA is extremely happy to welcome back these dedicated alumni and is grateful for the lessons they have taught our current members. Our network of alumni continues to be a strong support team for our 2019-2020 projects and we will continue to partner with them as we approach our first competition in January.

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