Go Big with Your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy Holidays, DECA!

As we head into the new year, setting resolutions is a time-honored tradition. Something that is not common, however, is sticking to those resolutions! While it can be difficult to break a bad habit or start going something with greater consistency, I have outlined a few tips for you to hopefully help you stay on top of your new year’s resolutions!

The first step in following through on your resolution is creating a schedule. Simply declaring a statement or resolution is a good place to start, but unless you pinpoint a direct way to set aside time for a certain activity or goal, it can be difficult to devote the necessary time. For example, if you resolve to go to the gym every day, planning a set time every day of the week, then building the rest of your schedule around that time develops a framework that is easy and consistent to follow.

Similar to competitive events for DECA, every resolution will need to adapt to fit your particular situation. It is important to be comfortable and open to change. Your resolution will often morph into something more manageable and suitable for your everyday life.

Finally, setting smaller goals – that lead up to a larger goal – is a great way to benchmark progress and keep yourself motivated. For example, if your goal is to eat healthier, you may start by tracking the number of times you eat things like fruit and vegetables in a week. Comparing this from week to week and pushing yourself to eat healthier is reflected in the number rising. Another example is if you want to work on a written event for DECA, deciding how many pages you want to get done daily or weekly will help you reach the end goal more consistently.

I hope these tips help with whatever resolutions you set for yourself through the upcoming year. Happy holidays and good luck with your resolutions!

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