Why Run for Executive Office?

Deciding to run for executive office was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire life. After having the opportunity to serve Washington DECA, I knew that there was so much more that I wanted to accomplish in DECA. In particular, serving as a chartered association officer had allowed me to develop connections with other association officers and implement similar ideas in Washington. This network was especially inspiring to me, and I wanted to continue to help make these connections throughout DECA.

Although running for executive office can seem a little daunting, there are many benefits. Preparing an executive officer campaign requires a lot of commitment and dedication; it is something that is done over several months. Because of this, it teaches you how to prioritize time and activities. I still remember many times during my senior year where I had to turn down an opportunity to hang out with my friends to plan my executive campaign. While this may have been tough at first, it allowed me to evaluate what was more significant to my growth as a person in the long run.

Running for executive office also allows you to develop special connections with those around you. During my run, I was greatly supported by the Washington DECA staff and those on my campaign team. It was something that brought a lot of people together under one unified cause. Just like running any campaign, a victory is composed of all the moving parts behind a campaign, all the way from the sponsors to the members. Having this support system allows you to practice working in a team dynamic.

There are several perks of serving as an executive officer.

  1. First, you can work with a great team of people from various parts of the world. Along with hearing diverse ideas and ways of thinking, you can widen your approach to problems and learn critical thinking skills.
  2. Travel is also another great perk of serving in executive office. As a representative of the DECA brand, the organization will often ask you to go to different places and perform different roles. This allows you to visit places that you may have never seen or thought about going to before!
  3. Finally, serving in office allows you to tackle ideas on a bigger scale. Working with DECA Inc. staff and the professional partners that DECA has, you can use your ideas to create productive change on behalf of the members.

Running for executive office is no small task, but once you set your mind to it, win or lose the experience is one unforgettable journey.

Learn more about running for DECA executive office and changes to this year’s election process.

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