Collegiate Executive Office: Top Reasons to Run

After years of being a DECA member at the collegiate and high school levels, I finally found the perfect answer for those contemplating running for an International Executive Officer position.

Do it.

I remember my first year in DECA; looking on stage and seeing the most stylish and professional student leaders I had ever seen. I always wondered how they got there and why they chose to take on such a role. This past year, I decided to pursue my dream of running for Collegiate DECA Executive Office, and it’s been an incredible journey.

There are three main reasons why I believe that you should consider running for executive office. Everyone has their own reasons, but certain perks come with the position.

1. Build your resume

DECA looks unbelievable on a resume when applying to jobs and internships. It demonstrates leadership and business skills that will benefit you in the future. But more than just words on a piece of paper, being an executive officer gives you the experience to back it up. Being an executive officer gives you the ability to guide members around the globe and help develop other emerging leaders.

2. Connect with other associations

My favorite part of serving as an officer is having the opportunity to work with other associations from around the globe. This year, I have had a wonderful experience to help and connect with Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Connecticut, Minnesota and more. I’ve been able to meet lifelong friends and possible future co-workers or clients.

3. Give back

When you’re a DECA member, you are likely to be grateful for all of the opportunities you have been able to take advantage of. For me, DECA has given me friends, connections and my dream job for the future. There is a lot we can all thank DECA for, and being an executive officer is just one way to give back to the members and this wonderful organization.

Serving as an executive officer is an amazing experience. If you have any questions about the process please feel free to contact me!

Learn more about running for Collegiate DECA executive office and changes to this year’s election process.

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