What DECA Means to Station Camp High School

Hannah Sutt, Station Camp High School, TN

Station Camp DECA officers express what DECA means to them, what they have learned and how this organization has impacted them.

Station Camp DECA’s CEO, Zoe Cantrell (Senior), says:

“To me, DECA means new opportunities and friendships. DECA has taught me valuable communication and time management skills. I have made many friends within my chapter along with meeting people within the state of Tennessee and even from around the world. The satisfaction from placing at competition after working so hard on our projects is so rewarding and is unlike any other experience. DECA has given me an outlet to express myself and I truly feel at home with my chapter advisors and members. I am grateful for the opportunity to be president of this amazing chapter and all that it has taught me.”.

Station Camp DECA’s COO, Zack Morgan (Senior), says:

“For me, DECA is an incredibly fun, challenging, and enriching experience that allows me to constantly expand my horizons and meet new people from all over. With every new year in the club, I’ve learned so many exciting new things about marketing and the business world, and I feel that the club has helped to prepare me, more than anything else, for life after high school.”.

Station Camp DECA’s VP of Public Relations, Hannah Sutt (Senior), says:

“DECA has taught me so many important skills, such as public speaking, networking, and how to dress professionally, that I will use for the rest of my life. This organization has helped me get out of my comfort zone to meet new people and try new things. I’m so grateful for this organization and our chapter because I truly feel like I have grown so much from being apart of it.”.

Station Camp DECA’s VP of Chapter Relations, Madison Howe (Senior), says:

“DECA has given me countless opportunities to expand my horizons and learn more about business. I have enjoyed my time in Station Camp DECA and am eternally grateful for all their help in my future endeavors.”

Station Camp DECA’s VP of Communications, Meghan Abbott (Senior), says:

“DECA to me means opportunity! I get the chance to gain real experience and travel to many places with my friends! Without DECA I wouldn’t have the opportunities I do today!”.

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