Top 6 Ways to Prepare for #DECACRLC

Charlie Schumer, Minnesota DECA State President

Attention Central Region! On December 6-8, 2019, get ready for the Central Region Leadership Conference (CRLC) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During #DECACRLC, you’ll be surrounded by 1,700 DECA members for three days while you explore Minneapolis, prepare for competition, hear from outstanding keynote speakers and so much more.

To maximize your CRLC experience, here are six tips to prepare for your adventure to the North:

1. Prepare for the weather

The Great North is best known for our unpredictable and extreme weather patterns. Weather forecasts currently predict the temperature to range from 10 degrees to 20 degrees with light snowfall, but all Minnesotans know not to trust a weather forecast! Make sure you bring plenty of gloves, hats and jackets to stay warm as you travel throughout the city.

2. Study for exams and role-plays

A major component of CRLC is mock competition to help you go for #DECAGlass. Before the start of your district or regional competition, you can use CRLC as a barometer to measure how prepared you are for the upcoming year. Putting in the effort to study now will prepare you better for the fast-approaching competition season. Plus one-of-a-kind custom medallions will be presented to top competitors during the closing session.

3. Prepare business cards

Surrounded by hundreds of DECA members from 13 different associations, there are endless opportunities to network and meet new DECA members, each with a unique background and passion. Distributing business cards is one of the best ways to keep in touch with new friends all across the Central Region.

4. Do some research on Minneapolis

As a Minnesota native, I can tell you firsthand that Minneapolis has a plethora of stunning sights to see. You’ll have the opportunity to tour great landmarks from newly constructed sports stadiums to the world-renowned Mall of America. Before you come to the North, plan your tours now for the best possible experience.

5. Listen to music by Prince

The musician Prince is as Minnesotan as hotdish and ice fishing. For anyone interested in music, you’ll have the opportunity to visit his extraordinary private estate, Paisley Park, and experience first-hand what it was like for Prince to create, produce and perform inside this remarkable production complex. If you’re going to visit, I recommend listening to his chart-topping album, Purple Rain, and other popular songs for the true Minnesotan experience.

6. Adopt a #CRStrong mentality

My favorite part of CRLC is seeing the great pride of the Central Region. From the exciting Bold North Gala to action-packed general sessions with acclaimed speakers, there will be no shortage of electrifying moments. To get the most out of your time at CRLC, bring your best attitude to Minneapolis and prove why we are #CRStrong!

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