Entrepreneurship: The Time Is Now

Successful entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk was once asked what to do when you have an idea you feel passionate about. He said, “If you feel good, then take on the responsibility of sharing it. The world needs more of it.”

Hello, entrepreneurs, dreamers and DECA members. When getting ready for work or school, are you happy? When waking up bright and early to start your day, do you feel fulfilled? If you answered “Yes,” then odds are you’re on a good path. According to a Gallup poll, it is a path that only 29% of Americans are on.

71% of Americans say they are dissatisfied with their current occupation.

70% of all Americans also say they want to be self-employed.

Well, what’s the holdup? Why are so many people staying in their comfort zones? For many, every paycheck is critical; every paycheck has a purpose, and going a few weeks or months without one can hurt. However, ask yourself this: Would you rather be stable right now or be living your best life 10 years from now? If you dedicate as much time to something you are passionate about as you do to a job you dislike, then you will notice that sometimes sacrifices are necessary to conquer your biggest dreams.

There is no better time to start a business than right now. With the marketing industry booming, it has become easier than ever to start a business and attract customers. Organizations like DECA are truly amazing in times like these because through DECA, we have been able to build our confidence, boost our morale and expand our network.

600,000 businesses are started each year. Will you be a part of that? The time to face your fears and become an entrepreneur is now.

Participating in DECA’s entrepreneurship competitive events can help you think outside the box and take a step towards becoming a self-made entrepreneur. These events challenge you to be creative and give you a real-world look into the scenarios that entrepreneurs face every day. If you already have an idea that you want feedback on, explore the Entrepreneurship-Starting a Business event. You never know what feedback you might get to help implement your idea.

So, take action and get to work! Use the resources provided by DECA, be confident and always remember to stay positive.

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