Three Days Until #DECAPowerTrip

Today marks just three days until the Opening Session of the Ultimate DECA Power Trip 2020. The executive team cannot wait to see all of the great emerging leaders at this conference! To help you prepare, let’s break down the top five reasons to get excited for #DECAPowerTrip. Here we go!

5. Washington, D.C.

This year, The Ultimate DECA Power Trip will take place in the U.S. capital, Washington, D.C. This will give conference participants a unique experience to be at the center for policy across the country. With so many great leaders occupying this city in the past, there is no better place to hone your skills and show the DECA community what you have accomplished. Members will also get the opportunity to tour some of the great monuments in this city during DECA After Dark with a night tour of D.C.

4. Keynote Speaker Eddie Slowikowski

This year’s Opening Session keynote speaker, Eddie Slowikowski, will share a unique perspective on success and overcoming adversity. No matter what your goal as a leader or entrepreneur, Eddie will show you the steps necessary to achieve that goal. Throughout his presentation, attendees will get a look at what it means to be successful and to push yourself beyond your limits.

3. Competition, Career and College Preparation

On Saturday, you will be able to prepare for the next steps in your life. Whether you want to pursue a college education, join the workforce or go for that #DECAGlass, you will find instructive, beneficial tips that will help you make it happen. Make sure to attend the Learning Labs, Competitive Excellence Experience and visit the college and career exhibits.

2. Connect Leadership Labs

After the Opening Session on Friday, you will get a chance to hear from chartered association officer teams from around the globe, executive officers and leadership training professionals on how to develop your skills as emerging leaders. These workshops will be interactive, engaging and a great way to meet DECA members from the North Atlantic, Southern and Western regions.

1. DECA Networking

By far the best part of any DECA conference is being able to meet and interact with other members. Take advantage of this time to meet new friends, curate engaging experience and make lifelong connections. We can’t wait to see you there!

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