How to Seamlessly Integrate the Leadership Passport Program into Your Chapter

At first glance, the Individual and Chapter Leadership Passport Program tasks can appear daunting. However, break it down and you can find yourself a comprehensive list of items benefitting your chapter that won’t be a hassle to complete! Here are a few tips to aid in making the Passport Program easier to follow and to help prevent you from scurrying to check off the items before the deadline.

Develop Your Program of Leadership

If your chapter hasn’t done so yet, create an outline of what your membership activities will look like for the year. Review the Passport Program and plan programs and events that purposely incorporate the program’s requirements. This not only makes it feasible for more of your members to participate in the program, but will also provide you with a solid guide to planning a successful year.

Host a Leadership Passport Program Meeting

Hold a specific meeting centered around the Passport Program to discuss the components of the program and break down how to accomplish the requirements. During this meeting, you can answer questions and guide members through the program so that they feel empowered to work on it on their own time. Not only that, but you can use the remainder of the meeting to work together to complete some of the simplest tasks, such as developing your academic and Collegiate DECA goals or joining the DECA Inc. LinkedIn group.

Create a Tracking System

It may be very advantageous to develop a tracking system to monitor your chapter’s progress. Using a spreadsheet can help keep all of your activities organized and accounted for. Plus, your advisor will be thankful to have a reference when it comes time for them to verify the plentiful submissions!

Make It Personal

Even though this is an international recognition program, don’t be afraid to infuse your chapter’s signature touch into the process! For example, you can create a physical passport book that will allow your members to interact more directly with the task items and personalize their journey. You may even provide incentives for reaching certain milestones within the program to encourage members to keep going. You can also recognize stellar members of the month who have been committed to engaging with your Collegiate DECA chapter.

Just like an actual passport, the Leadership Passport Program is meant to take you places and encourage new experiences and growth. So, get started on your journey and we’ll see you on the other side with a blue, gold, executive, diplomat or presidential stamp!

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