Five Beneficial Stress Management Tips

Feeling overwhelmed? Follow these tips for stress relief.

Stress is something that all of us are faced with, particularly at the start of the school year. Between classes, work and extracurricular activities, even the most experienced in time management can feel overwhelmed and overworked. Take advantage of the following tips to keep calm and carry on.

  1. Meditate. Meditation is one of the most impactful forms of stress relief because it is free, can be practiced anywhere and is incredibly beginner-friendly. Involving muscle relaxation, mindfulness and deep breathing, meditation can be a guided or self-led exercise. For beginners, a simple “meditation” search on YouTube will yield plenty of helpful results. Additionally, applications like Headspace offer many simple guided meditations that are certain to provide a more relaxed outlook. Spending five to ten minutes a day practicing meditation can be the first small step towards better lifelong stress management.
  2. Exercise. Taking a walk, running on the treadmill or discovering a great new hiking spot can be surprisingly beneficial for banishing stress. Working out releases endorphins –  chemicals in your brain that lead to greater feelings of happiness and positivity. Exercising can also be a great group activity! Tossing a football, hosting a volleyball game or attending a group Zumba session are all great ways to stay active with friends. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, try taking a walk outside and breathing in some fresh air; it can work wonders on your mental wellbeing!
  3. Find a hobby. In an age where we are constantly encouraged to stay busy, penciling in some time every day to immerse yourself in something you enjoy can be incredibly useful. Whether it be enjoying a good book, taking up a new craft or learning about something you have interest in, engaging yourself in something you are passionate about can be a great distraction from the stressful elements of your life.
  4. Practice gratitude. When feeling overwhelmed, it can be easy to see only the negatives.  Focusing on things that you are grateful for is a great way to obtain a more positive mindset and show appreciation for the people in your life. An easy way to practice gratitude is by creating a gratitude journal that you contribute to daily. Additionally, spending time saying “thank you” to loved ones is a great way to stimulate positivity.
  5. Become a planner. While many stressors are brought on by things we can’t control, effectively planning for what we can control will ensure a more positive outcome. Time management is a skill that takes practice to develop, but is incredibly beneficial once mastered. Buying a planner or taking advantage of a smartphone planning app is a great way to effectively schedule activities and set reminders to discourage procrastination. Having a planner is also an excellent way to encourage personal accountability.

What do you think about this list? Do you have any tried and true stress relief methods? Let us know in the comments below!

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