Using Classroom Knowledge for Role-plays

Whether it is a case study, role-play or a written event, it is always important to be prepared for competition. The best way to elevate your performance in front of a judge is by using the skills learned through your business and marketing classes.

There are several elements of a presentation that have a large impact on the overall score determined by a judge. Most importantly, both verbal and nonverbal communication skills typically have a significant effect on the difference between a great or subpar presentation.

Here are some quick tips to help you boost your competition.

Looking back on my four years of DECA competition, business classes played a large role in the success I experienced at the regional, state and national levels. For example, taking general courses such as Integrated Business Applications can provide a foundation for fundamental workplace skills. In addition, more advanced and specialized classes such as sports marketing or advertising can also enhance your vocabulary and introduce new terms that are applicable to your chosen event.

Include techniques from specific lessons that you have learned to differentiate yourself from others. Incorporate ideas like SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, or even a critical success factor analysis. Doing so will show your competence level on the subject matter, leading to better results.

Practicing your improv skills for situations such as competitions is an excellent way to do your best when given a scenario with little time to prepare.

Implementing these tips will demonstrate your ability to connect concepts to your role-play scenarios. Even if you are not necessarily an expert on a specific concept or idea, it is encouraged to implement the idea in some fashion. You never know, the judge may not be an expert on the technique either!

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