Instagram Tips and Tricks: How to Market Your Chapter Effectively

Emily Treadway, Timberland High School, MO

Timberland High School DECA was excited to see their planning, new ideas, and hard work pay off at their latest DECA Social where they broke records in attendance and participation.

Timberland DECA’s mission was to captivate its target audience and get them to engage as much as possible – and in as many ways as possible. The key to this newfound success was incorporating many new digital and visual elements to better communicate with students on many different platforms.

It is a known fact that the world is moving to digital means of learning, entertainment and functioning, especially when it comes to teenagers. Teenagers are using technology now more than ever. The proof is in the numbers: In an article written by Jeff Knutson, Senior Producer and Content Strategist for Common Sense Education organization, he said:

“70 percent of teens report using social media. In 2012, that number was 34 percent.”

In response to this growth, Timberland’s DECA Chapter has made it the prime objective to expand upon its online presence.

The evolution of technology and the exponential growth of social media has propelled Timberland’s Chapter to incorporate the use of apps and social media into our everyday operations. Now, our chapter’s Instagram account posts important information about sales in our store, dates and times for anything DECA-related and achievements. Timberland DECA’s Instagram does not only have newly thought-out graphics, pictures and videos, but also started including engaging Instagram stories.

Instagram stories are a great way to notify our followers of time-sensitive information without making permanent posts that may cause confusion later on. Furthermore, we can keep track of how many people can see the story and more specifically who. We use this information to see how well our account is reaching students, how many times our story gets shared, if it’s viewed by new people and what shared posts gain followers. This information is vital to the improvement of Timberland DECA. It provides insight into what posts are most engaging and locates patterns in engagement, allowing us to continually improve our online presence.

Moreover, we have taken advantage of Instagram’s ‘business account’ setting in order to utilize its statistics and social media tools. Now that we have initiated the business account, we have been more in control of our social media than ever. We are now able to get statistics by viewing the insights from any Instagram post. We can see the exact number of people reached, how many profile visits were prompted by the post, how many people direct messaged it to others and how many people bookmarked it.

Once again, we can take all these factors into account, determine what exactly was so appealing about a post and learn from it. Social media has become and will continue to be the easiest and one of the most popular ways to reach people, Timberland DECA has decided to take this improvement challenge head-on and are very pleased with the results.

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