Time Management Tips and Tricks for School

As we all know, DECA can take up a significant chunk of time each week. It is important to prioritize DECA, your academics and free time as you start the new school year.

One of the best ways to stay on top of all your commitments is to make a list of everything you need to do. However, take this step by step. First, think of everything you possibly need to do for the upcoming day or week and write it down. I often find that writing allows me to organize my thoughts better than typing simply due to the freeform nature of a pencil or pen on a page. However, you choose to make your list, be sure not to hold backā€”even the smallest of tasks (like making your bed) hold an important part in completing a series of events. After you have made your list, organize it into a few separate smaller lists based on categories. Some of these might include “Urgent” & “Not Urgent”, or “Academic” & “Recreational”.

These lists should give you a basic structure to evaluate the importance of the tasks at hand. Break these tasks down into what matters most to you in the upcoming day or week. Once that task is completed, check it off and move on. Studies have proven that when you check things off of a list, it makes your mood significantly better and your work ethic stronger.

Time management is a very important key to success. Using strategies like these to help you conquer your busy life makes it easier and more efficient. One important thing to consider is balancing your workload. It is important to incorporate time for breaks and activities that let you step away from a busy schedule. Whether this looks like fishing or going out with friends, rest and relaxation are some of the most important aspects of time management.

I encourage you to use these steps and reach out if you have any time management questions. Best of luck in the upcoming school year!

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