Three Ways to Build Value in Social Media for College Students

A Collegiate DECA Chapter Guide for Social Media

Social media has become a pillar that connects individuals from all around the world. College students, such as myself, live busy lives. We go from school to work, from work to homework and then repeat the cycle every single day. Our attention span isn’t the same as the good old high school days. Collegiate DECA is growing rapidly on social media as thousands of college students around the world are tuning in to see what their chapters can offer them.

Here are three ways to build value on social media for college students.

1. Opportunity

College students are constantly looking for new ways to get more in-depth information on their future careers. Take some time to post new career opportunities, resources or facts about the business world. Social media should be a resource, a guide to greater things. Posting community service opportunities is another huge attraction because there’s always a student in need of volunteer hours or a student who has a passion for helping others.

2. Inspiration

College can be tough, the constant pressure of having to perform in school or at work can take a toll. Whether it be before a long school day or after a work night, being able to open a social media platform and see quotes from people who’ve been through the same struggle can be a real stress reliever. Motivation Monday, Wednesday Wisdom, and Thriving Thursday are examples of different posts you can share on your chapter’s social media channels.

3. Memes

It doesn’t always have to be business as usual. As great as a being informational can be, studies show something as little as a Meme can help boost the morale of your followers and build a larger following. Take a trend and get your chapter involved, be relatable and share a good laugh with your members. At the end of the day, we’re only human and can all enjoy a good laugh. College students live for memes, so making and sharing memes will definitely catch their interest.

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