I Scream! You Scream! DECA Screams for Ice Cream!

Casey Mann, Sutter Union High School, CA

For the past three years, the Ice Cream Social has been a tradition for Sutter Union DECA. Members, students and staff look forward to the social at the beginning of every school year. On Wednesday, September 11th, it was a scorching 98 degrees. Students were hot and craved nothing more than a freezing cold bowl of ice cream. As the aspiring entrepreneurs we are, we were there to supply their demand.

We started off by creating an accountability chart for the event, putting each officer in charge of a different task. Then, we created a shopping list, which included everything we would need to make some delicious ice cream sundaes. While creating the list of necessities for the event, we knew that we needed lots of items. We purchased everything from Oreos to cherries, whipped cream, and of course, tons of ice cream. The possibilities were endless.

Our booth was set up in the quad so that when students got out of class for lunch, our delicious ice cream sundae station was the first thing that they saw. The bell rang for lunch, and students came flocking to our booth. We had free ice cream sundaes for all paid Sutter High School DECA members. For non-members, sundaes were $2. We advertised this in advance to encourage our members to pay their membership dues in a timely manner.

In total, we sold over 150 ice cream sundaes, not including the sundaes that were given to paid DECA members. The profits from this event went towards our school DECA account, which will help fund our future projects, such as our annual Winter Ball, our community giving project, and our Easter Eggstravaganza. These are the three main events that our chapter puts on throughout the year, and they can be very costly. Thanks to our fundraisers such as our ice cream social, we are able to raise enough money for the initial investment of these projects.

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