Three Quick Steps to Becoming a Successful Leader

1. Take Risks

You are capable of achieving your dreams.

Definitely one of the best decisions of my life was taking the risk to run for local, association and executive officer positions. Through these positions, I have been able to build strong relationships with people who were different than myself – which ultimately enhanced the skills I use each day.  As if inevitable, there is certainly going to be fear that comes along with taking risks, but overcoming that fear is the difference between a leader and a follower.

In addition, I strongly encourage networking and stepping out of your comfort zone by meeting new people. It isn’t always easy to create new bonds, but you would be surprised by the amount of those relationships that actually end up helping you later in life.


2. Encourage a Positive Change

Do not be afraid to voice your own ideas.

An amazing circumstance occurs when a group of people become passionate about new ideas. At first it will probably be a single person who introduces a “different” concept, but once you find people who support the same or similar ideas, a snowball effect will occur.

Making a change is the driving force behind our student organization. DECA is constantly evolving, so be a leader by introducing positive ideas. Even if you believe that your ideas may be insignificant, share them with others and work hard to implement what you think is important.


3. Inspire Others

The most important step in the process.

Personally, being a leader in an organization of over 228,000 members isn’t about fame, but about the impact one has on others. Along with that impact comes a feeling that is both selfless and indescribable. Inspiration is such a powerful tool as a leader because you can empower others to follow their passion.

This final step basically ties all three of the steps together into one. Inspiration, such as keynote speakers at DECA conferences, is what encourages people to take risks. Taking risks will lead to the desire to make a positive change, and this will eventually inspire others to become a successful leader.


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