Welcome to a New DECA Year

New school year, new people, new friends, new memories to make, and for tens of thousands of students, it’s a new DECA year.


As chapters begin the member recruitment process, as members begin the path to DECA Glass and as associations begin planning conferences, it is important we stay focused, create goals and have fun throughout this journey.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “With the new day comes new strengths and new thoughts.” When recruiting new members this year, remember you have only a split second to make a good impression on a potential new member. Your passion for DECA shows in your tone and presence. If people see how impactful DECA has been to you and hear how beneficial it can be for them, there’s no doubt they’ll be at that first meeting.

When first starting in DECA, I always had an elevator pitch that I could give at a moment’s notice. This helped me stay prepared for the moment someone expressed interest in DECA. Creating an elevator pitch will help you be prepared and confident enough to approach people at school. A great elevator pitch should range from 30-60 seconds and include a short summary of your DECA story, the opportunities you have in DECA and your goals moving forward.

Creativity will also play a huge role in recruitment. How are you attracting people to your booth? How are you ensuring they feel comfortable and are having a good experience? Those are questions you and your officer team should answer before any recruitment opportunity. If you’re stuck, start with these ideas: DECA poster boards, pull-up banners, giveaways (snacks, flyers, gift cards, DECA swag, etc.) and (of course) a positive attitude!

“Wake up with determination; go to sleep with satisfaction.”

The growth of our organization begins with the individual member. DECA season is here. Whether you’re a returning member or a new member, you probably have a big goal for the upcoming year. Maybe you want to attend every conference, maybe you’ve set your sights on DECA Glass or maybe you’re interested in running for executive office. No matter your goal, you have the skills necessary to accomplish it. So grab your suitcase, set up those competition prep

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