Here We Go!

On behalf of your DECA Executive Officer Team, welcome to the 2019-2020 year of DECA! We are thankful for your trust in our team and look forward to serving you, the BEST leaders on this planet.

Our theme for this year is HERE WE GO! Together, we will go reach our full leadership potential, we will go build our network, we will go crush the competition, and we will go show the world what our 228,000+ members are made of at the 2020 #DECAICDC in Nashville! To maximize our organization’s success, you have challenged us to go represent the goals, values and dreams of every single member. As your executive officer team, we look forward to doing just that to the best of our abilities.

To maximize this year of DECA, we also encourage every single one of you to:

  • Go connect with @decainc, your officers and your fellow members on social media
  • Go collaborate within your local chapter and chartered association
  • Go serve in your community
  • Go fundraise for your members
  • Go compete and earn DECA Glass
  • Go build lifelong memories and friendships
  • Go have fun!

We are excited to embark on this journey of learning, opportunity and success with you. Be sure to stay connected on DECA Direct and all social media platforms to stay in the loop on all things DECA this year.

If you are excited for the best year of DECA, get ready… because HERE WE GO!

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